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Begin an exciting new career in airless spraying

Based in Barnsley, PSF delivers exceptional spray painting training in a comprehensive, hands-on teaching style. 

Learn from professionals with decades of experience on the job over a four week introductory training course designed to help you discover your ideal career path.

Whether you're looking for a change of career, staff training, are looking to enter the job market with a trade under your belt or exciting opportunities of self-employment, our four-week Introduction to Spraying course will equip you with all the knowledge you need. 


Introduction to Spraying covers four exciting, in-depth and practical topics to provide you with real-world, hands-on demonstrations and experience, providing an authentic educational for all comers. 


How do I enrol? 

Enrolment couldn't be simpler, input your details into the contact form below and we'll be in touch to answer any questions you may have and secure your slot in our monthly courses.

Spaces are limited and classes are monthly but rest assured, if we can't fit you into the upcoming class, you'll be added to the next available one.  

Once you're enrolled, you'll receive your workbook in .docx format so you can fill it in on your tablet or smartphone as you progress through the course.


On top of that, you'll receive copies of our policy documentation you'll need to agree to and sign prior to your course beginning.


Can anybody enrol?

Of course! We encourage anybody who has an interest in learning to come along. No prior knowledge or experience of airless spraying is necessary, nor are there any physical or age requirements. 

Policies & Procedures

Before enrolling, be sure to read our policies and procedures.


These will tell you what we need and expect from you when starting the course, how we manage your data as well as detail the ways in which you can report a complaint and file an appeal.


You can find these here or at the bottom of the page. 

Week One

Principles of Working  & Applying Spray Paint
On your first week you'll learn the history of spray painting, the basic skills, introduction of the equipment you'll be using and how to prepare different surfaces to spray. 

Week Two

Health and Safety & Preparing to Apply Spray Paint   

This week is focused on the fundamentals of safe working. From site safety and awareness to correct preparation and masking. 

Week Three

Reading the Job & Spraying Techniques
Here's where all your fundamental knowledge and training comes into practice! This week you'll learn all about how to correctly prepare for a job, the required equipment and the correct spraying methods and techniques.

Week Four

Putting it all Together!


On your final week your practical and theoretical knowledge will be fully tested through a variety of projects.

Course Pricing

Our courses operate at a fixed cost of £1,200 per individual. This includes all of your course materials made available to you digitally as an editable workbook. 

​If you're coming to us from a school or college working with us,the course is funded by that establishment so ask your place of education if they're already partnered with us.

​Alternatively, if you're currently employed by a construction organisation and they've sent you to us to help improve your skills, they may be eligible for course funding...

Payment is required in full prior to beginning the course so once your place in a class is reserved, you'll be prompted for payment via bank transfer. 

Are you ready for a new career chapter?

Thank you for reaching out, we'll be in contact soon

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