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Summer House

Summer houses or ‘ garden rooms ‘ are becoming increasingly popular as more people are choosing to work from home.


But a lot come unpainted, and if you requested it to be painted a bespoke colour, it could be a pretty expensive extra.

You have invested a few thousand pounds on a garden room and you want it the colour you want - here are two options for you...


Do you choose option 1?

Paint it yourself in probably a substandard product, and not get the quality and lasting job that you desire and for such a huge investment needs and most probably get fed up halfway through...

After all would you attempt to paint your own car as some of these multiple purpose rooms maybe more expensive than the vehicle parked on your drive.

Or go for Option 2?

Have it professionally finished in the most durable products that are available, to a factory finish, sharp lines and in the colour you.


Most jobs can be done in 2-3 days


Think about that one...



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